We introduced ourselves as, DHANUSH Professional and Security Services, is one of the consultants having profound knowledge in Security and safety of any industry, Private detective, Fire Fighting and First Aid, and qualified in advanced technology and equipped with modern security measures.

Established in 07th April 2004 and providing its services since 01st May 2004 with confident of executing the task of enunciating total security with high professionalism and discipline.

This agency shall maintain the detective and preventive measures of the security system and submit the day-by-day reports to the appropriate authority.

For strengthening the outer ring (Outer side of Organization), we shall depute the personnel on vigilance duties in plain clothes, in order to collect information of, day-by-day untoward activities of the surrounding local residencies and anti-social elements.

For inner ring (inside installation) we shall work, with gather the information  in order to prevent labour unrest, sabotages, strikes/ dharnas, and any anti-social activities by bad elements and the same will be reported to the management for further necessary preventive measures.

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