Shri S. Viswanadham, Managing Partner, DHANUSH Professional Security Services, was served in Naval Police Department of Indian Navy for 22 yrs. He had an experience in Detective and Preventive measures of various Industrial and Defence Organisations, where the secret nature of productions situated. Also with additional qualifications of Advanced course in Scientific Investigation (Level III) and forged Documentation Detection course in Central Detective
Training School at Forensic Science Laboratory, Chandigarh and Simla respectively.

The proposed Security Academy is planning to provide occupational training opportunities for those individuals, who desires to meet the increasing Security needs of present society. A co-educational institution of proposed security academy places major emphasis on preparing men and women for challenging careers. Our practical approach to education provides with the necessary skills essential to obtain responsible security positions in Organisation, Industries and Business establishments.

In addition to occupational training, the proposed security academy planned to offer the courses to the general public such as….

  • Safety and Security of Organisation/Ind
  • Weapon Training
  • Advanced Fire fighting
  • Sabotages including rail sabotage
  • Surveillance.

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