We undertake criminal investigations against :

  • Theft/Pilferage
  • Mis-appropriation
  • Fraud/mis-appropriation
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Lifting of physical clues
  • Trailing of a suspected persons
  • Verification of antecedents of new employees

Dealing with all the matters concerning

  • Safety and Security
  • Criminal Scientific methods of investigation for serious nature of incidents.
  • Theft & Burglary
  • Sabotage activities
  • Ballistic Crimes
  • Surveillance in order to prevent the anti-social activities.
  • Trailing of a person

Operational Planning

  • Work hard with min Number of Security Personnel.
  • High efficiency and professionalism and close interaction with the management.
  • Submit the day-by-day reports to the management by maintain Detective & Preventive methods.
  • Deputing personnel on vigilance on demand by management.
  • Giving past warning regarding destructive attitudes of misguided workmen planning to adopt nefarious treaties like strikes/dharnas
  • Close relation with local police authorities.
  • Frequent day visits by Field staff.
  • Frequent Night rounds as per planning beside the operations management staff.

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